why dive with us?

No other sport takes you into a different, new and fascinating world as much as diving. The feeling of weightlessness, flying underwater in slow motion, new perceptions of light and sound. All this makes diving an ideal moment of deceleration and relaxation, full of unique new experiences. Sun & Fun is the diving center that offers courses and diving with passion. Small groups, excellent service and a very special human approach to our guests distinguish us. We make dreams come true! Cyprus is a great place to discover diving for yourself. All year round pleasant temperatures that do not fall below 18 degrees and reach up to 30 degrees in the summer. Great visibility and beautiful landscapes. Also some diveable wrecks and always turtles. Sun & Fun offers dives and diving courses all year round. Around Paphos, on the west side of Cyprus, we know the best dive sites of the island. The day trips are supplemented by special trips. For example, the famous Zenobia wreck is regularly offered by us.

dive with us

Crystal clear water, green turtles, beautiful rock formations and much more. The underwater world of Cyprus has a lot to offer. Discover with us the most beautiful dive sites. You are already a certified diver and want to discover the underwater world of Cyprus? Perfect, because we can't wait to show them to you! Many beautiful dive sites, special offers, fun and much more are waiting for you.

discover our blue planet

The more you understand, the more you perceive. The more you perceive, the more you take responsibility for our underwater world. Our marine biology courses introduce many facets of the underwater world and its inhabitants.

immerse yourself in a new world

A moment of weightlessness, of freedom. At this moment, there is only you and the sea. You always wanted to experience this feeling? Then you are absolutely right here! We will accompany you on your first breath under water and make it an unforgettable experience.

become a specialist

You are already a passionate diver and would like to further educate yourself in some areas and gain more knowledge? Or expand your existing skills even more precisely? Then you are absolutely right here! Take a look at our extensive continuing education programs and find the right course for you.

become the pro

This is where the door opens to a new phase of life. Live your dream and become a Dive Professional. Our instructor courses are of the highest level and offer much more than traditional courses. Intensive online preparation, guest lecturers and much more. You will find that only with us! Our Zero to Hero programs give you the opportunity to become a professional in a short time with high quality.

sun & fun safe diving practice

Through our active instructor trainers on site, you can be sure that we are always up to date with the latest training methods. All our staff is trained in first aid and prepared and trained for emergencies. Oxygen, first aid kits and plans are at the dive sites. Our staff is always being updated and skills refreshed. Before each dive you will receive a detailed briefing including emergency procedures. If we do not find acceptable conditions at the dive sites, we will cancel at no cost to you. We put your safety before our profits! We dive exclusively in small groups, so you can always count on our support.

sun & fun fair price policy

We offer you the fairest conditions. If you come with friends or family, we will bill your dives as a group, so you can quickly get the benefits of a dive package. And already two are a group.

You never have to decide beforehand how much you will dive. You always get the most favorable package for you!

Beginner courses taken with us will be credited with more advanced courses. So you can try diving without stress and decide afterwards for an Open Water course. The taster course is deducted from the price.

behind the scenes

The diving center is managed by Hans Lange, who is a diving instructor trainer and has been working full-time in diving since the mid-90s. It represents experience and passion for this wonderful sport. This passion is lived by the team that runs Sun & Fun. For them, no path is too far and no wish unfulfillable. And all with an infectious laugh! The best conditions for a great vacation, a sound training, which is fun and a perfect starting point for great diving experiences. Our courses are mainly offered according to SSI (Scuba Schools International), so all courses are also recognized worldwide. We offer all levels from absolute beginner to Divemaster and also Instructor. Compact offers from beginner to professional round off our range. Zero to Hero, all levels between first steps and Pro at the highest level. Look forward to a great time with us!

Ihr könnt euch direkt bei uns an der Basis anmelden. Ohne Stress von zu Hause aus!

€ 89


perfect buoyancy course

The essential for good diving is good buoyancy and trim - and that's exactly what you will learn here in two dives with many tips and tricks. Then the diving is even more fun!

from € 36

daily diving

You are already a certified diver and you want to discover the underwater world of Cyprus? Many beautiful dive sites, special offers, fun and much more are waiting for you.

€ 89


deep diving course

You want to explore new shores, explore wrecks that are a little deeper or dive the Zenobia? The Deep Dive Special extends your depth limits to 40 meters.

€ 790

diveguide / divemaster course

this course is the first step towards your professional diving career. You learn to guide, hold briefings, assess dive sites and much more. The tools you need to take responsibility for divers under and above water.

€ 80


zenobia wreck tour

Dive at one of the most famous wreck dive sites in the world. For us, the MS Zenobia is an absolute must when visiting the island of Cyprus!

from € 1950

diving instructor course

Live your dream 2023 is your year! Set out for new shores and start your instructor course together with us. Intensive preparation by an experienced team with a unique concept gives you the perfect start into your diving instructor career
start your adventure

try scuba

Are you ready for your first breath under water? With our Try Scuba course you get a ticket to a breathtaking new world. And best of all, you don't need any previous experience. Everything is included in our all-round carefree package. Well, curious?

"I went snorkeling (first time) and felt super taken care of."
Finnja Skok
"[...] my best dive ever. Everything is at the highest level."
Marocka Jak