Dive Beyond Limits

Dive beyond limits

ability rather than disability

This means recognising and valuing the unique strengths and abilities of our guests, rather than focusing on their limitations. We believe that the ocean is for everyone and ‘Dive Beyond Limits’ only requires creative solutions and imagination. Our team have this in abundance and, providing that our guests pass the requisite medical for our water-based activities, we will provide the same high level of services to all our guests irrespective of abilities. If you have a mixed ability group – no problem! We can work with you to provide an unforgettable ‘Dive Beyond Limits’ experience . We make dreams come true! Cyprus is a great place to discover the magical world of the ocean.

Improved physical health:

Water-based activities, such as swimming, snorkelling or scuba, can provide a low-impact form of exercise that is easier on the joints and can improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Improved mental health, and well-being:

Water-based activities can be a fun and relaxing way to reduce stress and improve mood. Participation in activities that may previously have been inaccessible can help to improve self-esteem and confidence. This helps to promote greater independence and a more positive outlook on life.

Unique contributions promote diversity and inclusion:

When we focus on ability, we recognize the unique contributions that individuals with disabilities can make to society. This can help to promote greater diversity and inclusivity in all areas of life and help reduce stigma and discrimination towards individuals with disabilities and foster a more welcoming and accepting society

without previous knowledge

You have never dived or snorkeled? Never had a mask on your face? No problem, our courses are specially designed for that. We take the time for a detailed introduction and your questions. You only enter the water when you feel ready - because you set the pace!

from 8 years

... you can take your first steps into the underwater world. After that, it continues with 10 years. We love the visit of our little guests and have special equipment available for them. The size of the group, which is always kept very small, is adapted individually to the age and well-being of you.

a time with lots of fun and great experiences

Due to the perfect location of our base, the distances to the dive sites are very short. So besides diving you have enough time to do something with the family or explore Cyprus. We always try to be flexible to your wishes.

Turtle Try Scuba


Basic Diver


Try Scuba


Scuba Diver


Open Water Diver


Open Water Diver


our philosophy

We believe that scuba diving can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, irrespective of ability. We achieve this by providing a safe, adaptive learning system that enables everyone to have the same chance of succeeding. All our adaptive diving guests start their diving journey on a standard NAUI course. If they can complete the course as per the agency standards, they are awarded the appropriate diving certification. If we reach a point where we need to adapt the training beyond the agency standards due to our guests' needs, then we will switch to a Disabled Diver International (DDI) course. DDI programs add a new layer on top of the existing diver training, allowing individuals who would have difficulties fulfilling all requirements and standards to experience diving safely with modifications and enhancements to their training and/or equipment. Our guest will achieve a DDI certification, that is recognised worldwide. Diving Courses and Experienced Adaptive Divers Based on the ability of our guest, we offer the full range of diving courses from Discover Scuba to Instructor leadership levels. As far as feasibly possible we offer experienced adaptive divers our standard dive packages and opportunities. We take into account the planned dive, location, accessibility and guest requirements. Some of our dives may not be suitable depending on our guests needs. To avoid disappointment, it is important for both students and experienced adaptive divers to contact us at least four weeks in advance to ensure that we can fully prepare for our guests, clarify that we can provide the desired service and our guest has time to complete the prerequisite medical. Please contact us for more information.

Our courses for special abilities are conducted by:

Caroline Yeoman

NAUI Course Director, DDI Instructor
The ocean has always played an important part in my life. My scuba journey started more than 30 years ago – from my instructor course in a very cold quarry in the UK to professionally working in the Cayman Islands and Red Sea. During the last 10 years I have become involved in working with people of varying abilities to enable them to experience the benefits and beauty of our underwater world. This requires high levels of creativity, resilience and lots of good humour! I recently relocated to the stunning Island of Cyprus and looking forward to new and exciting diving projects.

Dean Yeoman

NAUI Course Director, DDI Instructor
I started scuba diving in the mid 80's whilst growing up in South Africa. On returning to the UK in the late 80's I continued diving and qualified as a diving instructor in Malta in 1987. I have spent the last 35 years diving around the world from the cold waters off Iceland to remote locations in Western Cuba. Over the last decade I have worked with people of varying abilities looking to experience the underwater world.

diving directly with turtles the first time?

Then the Turtle Try Scuba is just right for you. For this course, we meet at the center for the introduction and then jump in our car. With this we head for our turtle bay which is about 15 minutes away.