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The more you understand, the more you perceive. The more you perceive, the more you take responsibility for our underwater world. Our marine biology courses introduce many facets of the underwater world and its inhabitants.

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The perfect courses for the "non-diving season". At home on the couch and always with you via the SSI app. Exciting, informative and in many languages. This makes knowledge fun!

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The digital marine biology courses are for everyone! You don't have to know how to dive to engage with the inhabitants of the sea.

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You have all the time to read the courses comfortably everywhere. When you complete the course, you will receive the appropriate certification.

our marine biology courses

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Marine Ecology

Sun & Fun Adventure Cyprus.

Mantas and rays

manta rays and skates 79 € learn comfortably from home With certification manta rays and skates – spaceships under water The encounter with manta rays belongs for divers but also for snorkelers certainly to the experiences that they will never … Read More

Sun & Fun Adventure Cyprus.

Marine Mammals


Sea turtles

Sun & Fun Adventure Cyprus.



our underwater world - our responsibility

this is what you want to know about us

we for our environment

Conservation is on the agenda of all our courses, our briefings provide important information on marine conservation and we actively try to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

cooperation with environmental protection organizations

We cooperate with organizations for the protection of the oceans. From each marine biology course sold, we donate 10 euros to such an organization.

special events

Recurring Clean Up actions will take place with us starting in 2023. Each month we raffle one marine biology course among our guests.

discover the wonders of the underwater world

Already during your first dive you can get to know these fascinating sea creatures. If you book this course with us, you will get the course about turtles strongly discounted!