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ssi diveguide & divemaster

This course is the first step towards your professional diving career. You learn to guide, hold briefings, assess dive sites and much more. During your training you will be part of our team. You will learn what happens behind the scenes and how a diving operation works. Prices plus Training material and SSI fees.

790 €

ssi assistant instructor

Upon request. Otherwise in combination with the Instructor Training course.

800 €

ssi open water instructor

On request for already certified Assistant Instructor.

1150 €

ssi assistant instructor & instructor training course

2023 is your year! Set out for new shores and start your instructor course together with us. Through intensive online preparation and many additional modules, this course will set you up far better and more future-oriented than ordinary instructor courses.


from O 2 hero

If you are sure that you want to move up the career ladder very quickly, this is the right program for you. From absolute beginner to Divemaster in just two months? No problem! We would like to give you extensive insights during this time and have come up with a few ideas for this.

from 1750€

all-round carefree service

There are no hidden costs with us. We have developed an all-round carefree package for you, in which everything is included from the transport to the refreshing water after the dive

highest safety standards

A very important point of our company philosophy. Because the most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and safe. Our regularly trained team will give you a detailed introduction and will always be by your side during the adventure. We take as much time for you as you need.

fair-price promise

There are no hidden costs with us. We have developed a package for you that includes everything from rental equipment to refreshing water after the dive.