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You generally do not have to book anything in advance. You will always get the best price for the dives you have made. With us you are with two people already a group! When you come to us, we always charge you as a group. In other words, your dives add up, so you quickly get the benefits of a package! For all beginner courses, we will credit you for the courses you have taken with us. For example, we deduct the price of the Try Scuba from the price of the Open Water course. So you can try out without risk and extra costs if diving is something for you! The special courses are always calculated as a supplement to the diving packages. With this you will quickly get the benefits of the diving packages! If we have to cancel a dive on the way to the dive site due to weather, the trip will not be charged! There are no hidden costs with us. If you have a question about any product, please ask us before diving so that we can explain everything very clearly. Please book courses in advance so that you can already relax and study at home. We only need the price of the teaching material as a deposit. You are welcome to pay the rest on site. The courses are then yours and can be completed at another base if necessary. Professional courses have different conditions because of other costs that arise. Please request here!

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prices for our dives and equipment

Here you will find everything about our dives and equipment rental.

Of course, our fair price policy applies here! Already 2 are a group and you get the best package prices even without pre-booking.

Sun & Fun Adventure Cyprus.

prices for our marine biology courses

During our marine biology courses you will not only learn fascinating details about the underwater world. You’ll also learn to see the oceans through different eyes and support projects that work to protect the seas. Everything is exciting, easy to understand and can also be learned from home on the sofa.

prices for our beginner courses

This is where the adventure begins! With a lot of fun to your international diving license or just to try it out.

The first step, the Try Scuba, will be credited to you if you take further courses!

prices for our special courses

Click here for your continuing education. Discover new depths, learn how to navigate underwater, or learn to help yourself and others.

Just fair as a surcharge on your dive package. Gain experience and discover new things.

prices for our professional courses

This is the door for all those who want to turn their passion into a profession.

About the DiveMaster to the diving instructor.

Also check out our Zero to Hero courses here. Have fun!

all-round carefree service

There are no hidden costs with us. We have developed an all-round carefree package for you, in which everything is included from the transport to the refreshing water after the dive.

highest safety standards

A very important point of our company philosophy. Because the most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and safe. Our regularly trained team will give you a detailed introduction and will always be by your side during the adventure. We take as much time for you as you need.

fair-price promise

There are no hidden costs with us. We have developed a package for you that includes everything from rental equipment to refreshing water after the dive.