Protect our oceans

protect our oceans - what you can do

We as divers are in the middle of the most beautiful, but also fragile ecosystems - the seas and lakes of this world! Wonderful experiences connect us directly with the water and the inhabitants we get to experience. This brings an incredible amount of joy, but also responsibility. We have a direct influence on the intact continuation of these ecosystems. Sun & Fun is committed to protecting the oceans and helping to ensure that we can continue to experience the world we live in for a long time to come. So here we would like to share some tips on what we and you can do!

dealing with the underwater world

Dive through narrow places only if you can pass through them without touching. Don't swim or snorkel too close to the reef. Do not touch corals and do not break them off Use only marked entrances and exits Do not whirl up sand Do not hunt or disturb animals Do not touch animals Do not feed animals Do not take souvenirs from the sea Do not disturb animals or living creatures for the perfect photo

reduce waste

Never throw inorganic waste into the sea - plastics decompose incredibly slowly Minimize waste production: use reusable coffee cups and food boxes, glass or metal cups and shopping bags Do not bring unnecessary garbage to the vacation area Dispose of your waste as environmentally friendly as possible Always dispose of your cigarettes in the designated devices - not on the ground or in the water

environmental awareness

Protect your environment Be a role model and show how to do it right with positive motivation Support useful projects and organizations Pick up trash during your dives - under and above water Remove stuck strings and collect plastic and nets No to shark fins, whale meat, turtle eggs, etc. Find out which fish you can eat without hesitation.

responsible use of resources

Shower only as long as necessary. Especially in regions for which water storage and purification is difficult Wash your equipment only in the marked containers and only when it is really necessary - often it is enough to wash the equipment at the end of the vacation. Turn off the light when you don't need it Use alternative transportation or walk instead of driving a car Avoid unnecessary waste - shopping lists help to buy only what is really needed. You save money and avoid food waste in the process

we for our environment

Conservation is on the agenda of all our courses, our briefings provide important information on marine conservation and we actively try to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

cooperation with environmental protection organizations

We cooperate with organizations for the protection of the oceans. From each marine biology course sold, we donate 10 euros to such an organization.

special events

Recurring Clean Up actions will take place with us starting in 2023. Each month we raffle one marine biology course among our guests.

other offers

a small outlook

€ 79

Sun & Fun Adventure Cyprus.

special course sharks

Sharks are fascinating, beautiful to look at underwater and unfortunately struggle with an image as man-eating beasts, which they absolutely are not. This makes it all the more important to acquire real knowledge to better defend these wonderful sea creatures.

€ 79

special course sea turtles

Two species of sea turtles still lay eggs on the coast of Cyprus. One of them: the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas). This turtle lays its eggs only here on the west coast of the Akámas Peninsula. You have the possibility to snorkel and even dive with them.

€ 79

Sun & Fun Adventure Cyprus.

special course marine mammals

Marine mammals - our dearest relatives Whales, seals, sea lions, elephant seals, dolphins, porpoises, manatees, dungongs, manatees, seals, sea otters, leopard seals - they are mammals that suckle their young with mother's milk. They have no gills and must surface to breathe

€ 89


perfect buoyancy course

The essential for good diving is good buoyancy and trim - and that's exactly what you will learn here in two dives with many tips and tricks. Then the diving is even more fun!

from € 36

daily diving

You are already a certified diver and you want to discover the underwater world of Cyprus? Many beautiful dive sites, special offers, fun and much more are waiting for you.

€ 89


deep diving course

You want to explore new shores, explore wrecks that are a little deeper or dive the Zenobia? The Deep Dive Special extends your depth limits to 40 meters.
start your adventure

try scuba

Are you ready for your first breath under water? With our Try Scuba course you get a ticket to a breathtaking new world. And best of all, you don't need any previous experience. Everything is included in our all-round carefree package. Well, curious?

"I went snorkeling (first time) and felt super taken care of."
Finnja Skok
"[...] my best dive ever. Everything is at the highest level."
Marocka Jak