Sea turtles

sea turtles

turtles - our lovely neighbours

Two species of sea turtles still lay eggs on the coast of Cyprus. One of them: the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas). This turtle lays its eggs only here on the west coast of the Akámas Peninsula. You have the possibility to snorkel and even dive with them. An unforgettable encounter. As a preparation for a dive with them and to increase your knowledge, this course is excellent!

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section 1: Sea Turtle Species
Sea turtles are reptiles that live in oceans and estuaries. All living sea turtles have 􏰁ippers and a shell. Unlike other turtles, a sea turtle cannot retract its head inside of its shell. There is a long history of marine turtles extending more than 125 million years. Evolutionary evidence shows many different species have swum in the oceans. Some had 􏰁ippers, others had paddles, and some had webbed feet, yet most marine lineages went extinct. There were several very large species that grew to more than 4 meters. Most of the sea turtle species were evolutionary “experiments” that did not persist through time.
section 2: Nests, Eggs And Hatchlings
Sea turtle mating occurs at sea at the beginning of the nesting season, before the females come ashore to lay their eggs. Females store sperm from one or more males and that sperm supply fertilizes their multiple clutches of eggs throughout the season. A clutch is the total number of eggs laid by a turtle at one time. Sea turtles nest on oceanic beaches. Most species nest during the warmer months and their eggs incubate during the wet season. A nesting turtle will lay several clutches in a season, then take a year or two off before returning to nest again.
section 3: Swimming And Migration
Sea turtles are migratory specialists. They migrate from nests to the sea-from the shore to the ocean and, for nesting females, back again.
section 4: Living in the Sea - Characteristics of the Sea Turtle
Living at sea poses ecological opportunities, like niche expansion for sea turtles, but also requires some rather impressive anatomical and physiological adaptations to survive in the salty environment.
section 5: Threats And Conservation
Sea turtles are ancient animals. Throughout their history, many lineages of sea turtle arose, persisted for a period of time, and then went extinct. The seven remaining species are a remnant of the diversity of marine turtles that once swam the seas.
course end
When you have successfully completed the course, you can proudly call yourself a Turtle Specialist and you will get a certification in your SSI App. Look forward to more exciting marine biology courses!

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