zenobia special

Zenobia special

dive into history

In 1980, the MS Zenobia, a Swedish ferry, was fully loaded and on its way to Syria. It was to be her first and last voyage - she finally sank in the bay of Larnaka and now lies on the bottom at a depth of up to 40m. It is now not only one of the top 10 wreck dive sites in the world, but also one of the largest diveable wrecks in the entire Mediterranean. Explore this magical place together with us and learn more about the history.

dive up to 40m deep

On a sandbank the ferry lies on the port side in a depth of up to 43m. However, your ship's side can be reached at a depth of 18m. Thus, you can have a look at the complete wreck.

top 10 dive sites worldwide

Dive at one of the most famous wreck dive sites in the world. For us, MS Zenobia is an absolute must when visiting the island of Cyprus!

fair-price promise

Because our special courses are charged as a supplement to the diving packages, you also profit from the savings of the packages for your further education. With us, a lot of diving is rewarded!

2 exciting dives

Two different and unique dives - On the first dive we explore the back part of Zenobia and go down to 35m, on the second we take a look at the inner part.


your trip to zenobia could look like this

meeting at the base
Before the adventure can start, we meet at our base. Here we have time for a relaxed get to know each other and for the preparations of the trip. Don’t worry: we will fully take care of the transportation and loading of our vehicle. However, we need the time on site to prepare the equipment or, if necessary, to select the right equipment for you and to familiarize you with it. There will also be a brief discussion about the itinerary of the trip.
the way to the dive site
On the day of the adventure, unfortunately, early rising can not be avoided. But: It will be worth it! Early in the morning we will either meet at the center or pick you up from your accommodation. Of course, you can also start the journey alone. Just as you like. By this time, our car will already be fully loaded, so we can be quite relaxed on the way. The trip to Larnaca will take about 2 hours. Enough time to talk about the history of the wreck, have nice conversations or just relax. Arriving at the port we are already welcomed by the boat and the crew.
on the boat
In the first step we stow our equipment on the boat. Afterwards we have time for a coffee or tea before we start with the detailed briefing. We take time to clarify all questions and only when everyone feels comfortable with the plan do we put on our equipment. After the buddy check, we wait for the GO from the captain and finally jump into the depths.
1 dive
Even with the controlled descent on the line, you will have a breathtaking view – because the wreck is directly below you. Usually on the first dive we explore the aft side of the ship. Here you dive along right next to the huge ship propellers and can then take a look at the 108 loaded trucks. Many sea creatures such as large groupers, barracudas or lionfish are waiting for your visit. After about 30-45 minutes, it’s time to head back to the boat. After a safety stop we surface and take off our equipment. Between the two dives we have enough time for a break. After a refreshing drink we start with the second briefing.
2 dive
In the second dive we usually explore the inner part of the wreck. Thanks to our flashlights, we can catch a glimpse of every single corner. Of course, we only do this if everyone is comfortable with the plan. Because even outside, many magical places are waiting to be explored. We then dive along the long side of the ship. Since the wreck lies on its side, there is a phenomenal view here. Slowly we make our way back to the boat.
Once on the boat, we make ourselves comfortable in the cozy seating area on the deck of the boat. With a drink we have enough time for a debriefing and for logging the dives. Enjoy the view and the way back to the harbor.
way back
Arriving at the harbor, the first thing we do is stow our equipment in the car. With the loaded vehicle we make our way back to Coral Bay. We love to review the moments during the ride and just relax. Of course, if you wish, we will bring you back directly to your accommodation.
our training philosophy

With us you will be trained as a diving instructor and not only get a license! You will benefit from a new concept of training and decades of experience of the trainers.

safe diving and training

With our Instructor Trainer on staff, you can be sure that we are always on the cutting edge of modern dive training. All of our team are trained for emergencies. Oxygen, emergency kits and plans are always on hand.

our zenobia special package

Zenobia is not only a perfect place for an unforgettable dive - it also turns out to be a perfect dive site for various specialty courses. Complete your Deep, Nitrox or Wreck Specialty course at this breathtaking location. Even better, combine the courses and benefit from an unbeatable price. Because for each specialization we charge you only one price of 89€ plus. Course Materials.

zenobia trip
1 person
€80 /surcharge diving package
  • incl. Transfer to the dive site
  • stay on the boat and drinks
  • all-round support
  • incl. Dive Guide
cenobia trip + specialty course
1 person
€80 + €89 /surcharge diving package
  • incl. Transfer to the dive site
  • stay on the boat and drinks
  • Deep, Nitrox or Wreck (per specialization 89€)
  • plus 65 euros for certification and state-of-the-art course materials
  • all-round support
  • incl. Dive Guide


"[...] she hasn't stopped talking about it since and she's now talking about finding a diving course or centre here in the UK!"
Corniel Quak
"I felt 100% safe at all times. I wish I could stay longer and do more dives with Sun & Fun, but I hope I will be come back soon."
Ray Caine
"My son, my mother, my father and I have just finished the most beautiful dive in Pegeia [...]".
Kylie Smith

€ 80

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Go for it! We look forward to being able to help you.

more courses

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€ 89


SSI Deep Diver

The perfect complement to the trip to Zenobia! So you can fully enjoy the dives. Two of the three dives can be done on the wreck itself!

€ 89


SSI Nitrox Course

This course is perfect for the trip to Zenobia. Here you can fully enjoy the extended zero time. Also, you do not enrich yourself so much with nitrogen.

€ 89


perfect buoyancy course

The essential for good diving is good buoyancy and trim - and that's exactly what you will learn here in two dives with many tips and tricks. Then the diving is even more fun!

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