Prices beginner courses

Prices beginner courses

diving courses for beginners

try scuba

Discover a new world, and experience the feeling of freedom. In this course we will guide you through your experience. Start without any previous knowledge.

75 €

turtle try scuba

You want to see turtles directly in their natural environment during your first dive? No problem, this way!

95 €

basic diver

You liked the Try Scuba and you want more? In this course we train first, small exercises with you. And all this up to 12 m!

160 €

scuba diver

You are on vacation and unfortunately don’t have that much time? This course provides you with the perfect foundation to become an independent diver. Prices plus Training material and certification.

265 €

open water diver

Probably the most famous course in the world. All you need: 3.5 days time and anticipation! Become a safe diver. Dive with a Pro up to 18 m. Prices plus Training material and certification.

375 €

all-round carefree service

There are no hidden costs with us. We have developed an all-round carefree package for you, in which everything is included from the transport to the refreshing water after the dive

highest safety standards

A very important point of our company philosophy. Because the most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and safe. Our regularly trained team will give you a detailed introduction and will always be by your side during the adventure. We take as much time for you as you need.

fair-price promise

There are no hidden costs with us. We have developed a package for you that includes everything from rental equipment to refreshing water after the dive.